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About Counselling

Counselling can help at various times in our lives - with current issues such as providing support in a crisis or times of loss or with longer term feelings, experienced by many, such as not feeling good enough, stress, anxiety (fearfulness) and or depression (low mood).

The unreflected life is no life at all
  It involves us meeting together each week for an hour, in a comfortable, non-judgemental environment and exploring together the issues which you would like to work on. Many clients really value this weekly ‘space’, dedicated to them, to step back and reflect and to make sense of what they are experiencing.

If you are wondering if counselling could help you, please do contact me. We can arrange an initial appointment to discuss this together. The decision to come for counselling can be daunting but I would encourage you to take the first step to explore if it could be helpful. It could help to enrich your life and relationships and may be life changing.